Our Corporate Mission and Values
  • EXCELLENCE - J&W Excavating is known for high quality workmanship. Customers consistently tell J&W they do the best job of any construction firm they have hired.
  • EXPERIENCE - J&W has been in business for over 20 years.
  • INTEGRITY - J&W Excavating provides more than a contract to do a job. It gives you the word of its owners. Ask anyone they have worked with.
  • ETHICS - When undertaking a construction project, owners are justifiably concerned that their contractors have the highest business ethics possible. J&W Contracting/Excavating is proud of our track record of customer satisfaction. During all our years in business, we have never failed to complete work which we have been awarded.


  • PRODUCTION – J&W Excavating has always been at the forefront with the highest production rates of any Arizona site contractor. If a project has a critical schedule, J&W Excavating Services is the only choice.
  • EFFICIENCY – We understand that delays are costly. Our schedulers are aggressive and work with the clients directly to ensure time efficient completion dates. Owners know they are on or ahead of their schedules when J&W moves onto the project.
  • EQUIPMENT – We are ready to move immediately on site with the right size, type and amount of equipment necessary to work within the owner’s schedule. We are continuously upgrading and enlarging our fleet.
  • RELIABILITY – J&W Excavating has been an industry leader since 1993.
What we bring

In terms of experience and customer service, J&W Excavating brings this and much more to your project. In reading our submittal, we hope you’ll agree that by selecting the J&W Excavating team your project will benefit in five distinct ways:
  • We provide flexibility of staffing and equipment resources.
  • We are adaptable to meet the needs of our customers. We are responsive and available on an on-call basis.
  • Our responsiveness is unmatched by other excavating companies.
  • Our commitment to our clients is to maintain the highest level of quality while delivering cost efficient results and meeting the most demanding schedules. You can expect excellent project management and proactive communication from J&W Contracting & Excavating Services.
  • We demand the highest quality from ourselves and deliver nothing less.

Safety & Training

J&W Contracting & Excavating values its highly skilled workforce. We strive to maintain the highest standards of safety and training for our employees. J&W Contracting & Excavating field employees are:

  • Competent persons trained
  • Confined Space trained
  • Trained in New Mining Safety
  • OSHA Safety Trained personnel
J&W Contracting & Excavating safety record (one of the best in the industry) attests to its commitment to safety. As a result of the emphasis we place on training and safety J&W Contracting & Excavating is proud to have received an outstanding Interstate Modification Rate of .8 from our Workers Compensation provider. Emphasis on safety on our construction sites shows not only our commitment to maintaining a safe and qualified workforce, but it demonstrates our commitment to completing your project in a timely and efficient manner.

Insurance & Bonding

We carry general liability, pollution liability, Workers' Comp and Commercial Auto Insurance. All of our equipment is also fully insured. J&W Excavating is fully insured and bondable, which leads to peace of mind when contracting with us for your building project.